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Popping Boba Bursting Boba Mango 100g
Popping Boba has a unique taste and is very suitable for tasting with bubble tea
Product Detail
Popping Boba (Bursting Boba) Mango Flavor

Popping Boba looks very similar to bubble tea, but it will burst if you bite it lightly, and then there will be a rich juice burst out, Popping boba(bursting boba) is made from fruit juice. It has a unique and delicious taste and is well received by everyone.Popping boba (bursting boba) is popular in beverage stores around the world, if you haven’t tried it, you must eat it!

Popping boba(bursting boba) means that the juice is wrapped in a jelly film. When you bite down, the jelly film will burst, be full of sweet juice, and taste good. The so-called jelly film is made from seaweed, which is made after boiling, cooling and other steps. It is a natural raw material. It is low in calories and rich in plant fibers. Also welcomed by consumers.

Popping Boba has many flavors except juice, popping boba (bursting boba) can also add other things, such as egg yolk pie such as egg yolk juice, will also bring a very good experience. Popping boba (bursting boba) can be used not only for milk tea, but also for desserts such as jelly, ice cream, yogurt, etc., because there are so many flavors and colors that match up together to look better and it will become more delicious


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ISO22000 HACCP food safety certification
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