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Coconut Jelly Love Heart Shaped Pitaya Flavor
Lovely shapes, colorful colors, and varied tastes
Product Detail

Coconut Jelly Love Heart Shaped Pitaya Flavor

Coconut fruit is fermented by coconut water and lignoacetic acid bacteria. The water-insoluble, film-like jelly formed on the surface during fermentation is coconut fruit. It has high chewiness, a soft and non-rotten taste, and high transparency. Its visual effect is crystal clear and can be matched with various juices, teas and other beverages. It is also suitable for ice products and desserts, and can be given a variety of colors and flavors. The fruit mass formed after fermentation is heat-resistant, will not dissolve at high temperature, and has good processability.

Coconut characteristics
• Colorful colors
• Variety of tastes
• Versatility with all kinds of drinks and desserts
• QQ taste
• Lovely special heart shape

We also have other flavors, love, star-shaped coconuts to choose from


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