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Brown Sugar Bubble Tea DIY
Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea you can drink anytime
Product Detail

Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

Want to drink Tapioca Bubble Milk Tea at home?
Our Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Can definitely satisfy you, Microwave use directly,Satisfy your desire to drink brown sugar bubble tea anytime, anywhere,We insist on using carefully selected brown sugar to make the perfect ratio Tapioca boba taste taste. has a chewy texture and tastes like QQ,With milk tea is delicious

Milk tea powder
Our milk tea powder is elaborately made with high-quality tea leaves and high-quality milk.The rich aroma of milk tea is also suitable for enjoying with Tapioca boba, pudding, red beans and other ingredients.

Brown Sugar BubbleTea Key Features

  • individual package
  • Easy to eat
  • One box of milk tea and milk powder, no need to go out to buy
We are tapioca boba supplier exporter,
and we are also a tapioca boba manufacturer exporter.
We have ISO22000 HACCP food safety certification
Free of preservatives and chemical colors
* OEM / ODM are welcome *
* We can customize your packaging and capacity *
* provide sample *