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Brown Sugar Tapioca Boba 1.2 / 500G
Sweet delicious,QQ chewy taste
Product Detail

Brown Sugar Tapioca Boba

Fenyuan is a specialty dessert in Taiwan. It is very suitable for various beverages, such as black tea, green tea, milk tea and even milk. Pearl milk tea is currently a popular star product all over the world. It has been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and even Middle East countries. It is very suitable for teahouses, coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, and the room temperature preservation is also suitable for online sales. Our powder rounds are vacuum-packed, which is hygienic and clean, reduces packaging volume and is convenient for storage.


Product specifications

• Product weight: 500G

• Pearl size: 1.2

• Product ingredients: starch, water, sugar

•Storage method: store at room temperature

• Country of Origin: Taiwan

Noodle cooking method

1. Pour boiling water into the pot and boil on high heat.

2. Pour into the powder circle and stir evenly.

3. After the powder circle floats and the water boils again, turn to low heat and half cover the pot.

4. Turn off the heat and cover the pot tightly

ISO22000 HACCP food safety certification

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